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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 8, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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personal doctor was involved in the pop star's death. reaction from his family and what is next for d. murray. fox news at 7 starts now. 7:00 a.m. on a tuesday morning what a nice start to this day it is okay it is a little cold we have fog in out lying areas wait until you hear what tony has to say about where we are headed a beautiful tuesday good morning thanks for sharing your morning with us i am steve chenevey. >> i can't wait to get all the details. >> good morning it will be a great day today we are getting off to a cold start temps 30s and 40s things are calm, quiet, highs upper 60s dare i say near 70. let's take a look at what is going on out there. current temperatures across the region right now here in washington 43 degrees, we are seeing changes to the temperatures as we speak
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annapolis, 44 degrees, 37 gaithersburg, frederick maryland 32 and 40 quantico. all right here is a look at the satellite picture for the eastern u.s. for the mid- atlantic this is clear as you saw from the live shot top of the show skies are mostly clear lots of sunshine not just today, eastern and southern portions of maryland we have dense fog that is about it. your day planner lots of sunshine warm highs upper 60s near 70 degrees not a bad day at all that is a look at what is happening with weather now an update on the morning rush hour with julie wright. >> all right. heading inbound along new york avenue, shut down at kendall because of this accident northeast washington well over an hour before we first got the report on this inbound new york avenue investigation is ongoing one person transported from the
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scene inbound new york avenue traffic being diverted off west virginia, montana you can go no further than the checkers there, turned around there big delays off 50 and bw parkway headed into the northeast washington. rhode island avenue an option for you at this time again big delays trying to get inbound along new york avenue and still closed kendall street out bound leaving the 3rd street tunnel toward the bw parkway your lanes remain open. northbound 395 accident cleared 14th street bridge now this secondary accident popped up here at the pentagon that is tieing up the second lane from the right. merging headed for the 14th street bridge able to get by that will keep you on the brakes as you head north this happens to be the outer loop headed towards telegraph road we have an accident there tieing up the right side this delay, in the direction of the
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wilson bridge. still checking for a crash reported inner loop of the belt way, 214 central avenue. fire in montgomery county flames broke out early the morning. a house was fully engulfed just after 4:00 a.m. as you can see the fire gutted this home on franklin street near summit avenue. today is election day polls are open in both virginia and maryland. all seats in virginia state house and senate are up for grabs even though only one third are contested there are local races in every county and city across the common wealth. in maryland local races in buoy, college park and green belt. polls open in maryland, 8:00 a.m., baltimore's democratic mayor is expected to keep her job.
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voters in virginia being asked to check their polls place before they head out today the state board of elections reminds everyone because of redistricting polling places, reseptembers, districts may be difference -- precincts, districts may be different than last time and a computer glitch sent people out to the wrong places. there are concerns the problem could be an issue today check to make sure you have the right location going to looking under web links. herman cain scheduled an afternoon news conference to tackle more accusations of sexual misbehaviour. two more women has come forward. one is the first to go public. good morning alison, donna danella tells the washington examiner cain tried to get her to set up a date with an audience member after giving a
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speech for her former employer, usaid. the cain campaign is spinning off far stronger charges getting national attention. >> herman cain after providing endless fodder for late night comedians, sat down with jimmy kim melas night. >> we have a little surprise to show up on tv. >> yes, he did and plenty of others did too as a fourth woman accused cain of improper behaviour. >> he suddenly reached over, and he put his hands on my legs, under my skirt and reached for my genitals. >> he grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. mr. cain said you want a job, right. sharon bialek is the first woman to come forward saying cain made unwanted advances back in 1997 when he headed the national restaurant association and she was looking for a job. she is said to be a republican
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and now hired high attorneys an activist, gloria allridge. >> there is not an ounce of truth and my team is putting stuff together that is why i am willing to do a press conference tomorrow. the word itself seems to -- the record itself seems to grow more damaging by the day. i think for cain, this leisure something he may not be able
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the jury found dr. murray guilty in involuntary manslaughter. he supplied jackson with propofol to help him sleep. defense contended jackson took the fatal dose himself. fans are happy murray faces up to 4 years in prison and could lose his medical license what many don't know a new california law could grant him an early release. i am happy justice is finally being served. michael deserved justice.
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victory. conrad murray will never kill another human being again. completely, potentially failed system is now in place, it will be very difficult to achieve an appropriate sentence of incarceration, for dr. conrad murray. now under that new law he mentioned ab 109 otherwise known as prison realignment nonviolent inmates don't go to state prison instead county jail which is very over crowded as a result nonviolent offenders are getting an early release. sentencing is set november 29th murray's attorney says he will appeal the decision. alison and steve. >> they are calling that the lyndsey lohan law. >> exactly. it is now 7:10 a.m., 43 degrees on this tuesday morning. still ahead a crackdown on occupy dc protestors, new allegations surface involving the child sexual abuse charges against gerry sandusky we will
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fill you in after the break. boxing world lost joe fraser yesterday one of the greatest rivals of mohammed ali, reactions to his death. traffic typical for this time of the morning, we will get the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie up next. 7:11 a.m.  [ female announcer ] we understand that today
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america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air. making headlines new details surrounding a former penn state assistant coach sexually abusing boys. gerry sandusky held sports camps at a satellite camp six years after being banned from taking young people on to the
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university's main campus, 2002 he was prohibited from using the main campus after a graduate student saw him assault a child in a locker room shower. he has been charged with sexually abusing 8 boys over a 10 year period. he claims he is innocent against all charges, penn state head coach will likely answer questions about what he knew and when about his former defensive coordinator. sports world mourning the loss of a boxing great, joe frazer passed away last night after a brief fight with liver cancer. a family friend said the 67- year-old was under home hospice care after being diagnosed two weeks ago one of his most memorable fights, when mohammed ali was first defeated the rivals met two other times after that. holly released a statement --
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ali released a statement my sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones. that is back in the heyday of the heavy weight. you all are younger than me but when those fights happened it was like the world stopped, everyone paying attention to those fights this is back in the day when it was -- before hbo and everything so it was like closed circuit tv, movie theaters listening on the radio it was something. >> i heard a quote coming in today ali said fighting frazer one of those fights was the closest he ever came to death the closest he ever felt to dying. >> they didn't like each other. >> they did not in particular joe did not like mohammed ali he said some harsh things about joe back in the day. amazing fighter. all right, let's look at what is going on out there weather conditions around the region and around the country. >> let's do it tony.
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>> travelling elsewhere, 43 degrees washington we remain at 43 milder to the north, boston 54 degrees. little rock arkansas, 64 dallas texas 70, delrio texas 70 early this morning. snow in colorado, likely snow showers in denver. san diego it is 50 degrees. national satellite radar once again activity all in the nations mid-section extending from central texas through oklahoma, kansas, missouri, illinois, portions of wisconsin, michigan, lots of rain some of that rain heavy, thunderstorms as well behind that cold air again as i mentioned snow in colorado. 5 day forecast, today, 69 for your high under sunny skies, beautiful day, probably the warmest day of the week tomorrow though also nice 67
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degrees sunny skies, thursday expect showers and clouds friday, and saturday we cool off down into the 50s for your high. that is a look at the weather more in a bit. >> trying to regulate itself. >> you are right. >> well, i will enjoy these days while they last. let's check with julie and see if we can enjoy the commute. i wish we hit the ground running this morning it has been one accident after another sky fox over the latest this one involved an over turned k 9 truck, john hanson highway this is mitchellville road at excalibur going from the top to the bolt tom of your screen -- bottom of your screen, the road is closed there is the over turned canine truck it is over turned on its side westbound lanes excalibur, ambulance on scene again some traffic on the eastbound side, is able to get by under police direction definitely slow going in this
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intersection. we will take it back inside and update the ride here travelling across the wilson bridge coming in, slow going through lanes as well as local lanes as you work your way over to route 1 virginia accident activity mainline tieing up the center of the roadway keeping you guys on the brakes, headed back to virginia, we have that wreck inbound new york avenue still tieing up most of the roadway now we can clearly see some traffic is trying to squeeze by to the right. bw parkway, route 50, trying to get to northeast washington. toward the pentagon, headed up to 14th street bridge is cleared, the belt way is slow springfield to telegraph road we had the wreck in the left lane. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> leaders in district of columbia will announce a new push to make dc a state this latest initiative involves asking state and local legislatures around the country to pass a resolution supporting
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state hood for the district the new nationwide campaign will be launched by vince grey, delegate eleanor holmes norton and other sit ity leaders -- city leaders downtown. dc police chief says the department is adjusting tacticreopenning an investigation into an incident last friday when a car hit three protestors the occupy protests are becoming more and more aggressive and violent the incident friday happened as protestors blocked the washington convention center protestors, tell fox 5 they were hit on purpose chef. >> before we had a chance to get out of the way he stopped about 5 feet from us, revved his engine, threw up his hands and hit the gas. >> i was up there at the
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protestors in new york set up military grade tents designed to with stand frigid temps. some of them as big as tiny cottages, one will be used for first aid and other as a safe space for women. first greece now italy investors are worried the world's 8th largest economy could default on debt. today italy's prime minister facing a tough austerity vote that could force his resignation. >> in greece a new prime minister should be announced later this morning greece is expected to get its latest installment of bailout funds, leaders say only if the new government signs a letter promising to follow last
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month's bailout deal. >> it will cost more to feed the pilgrims this thanks gaving. virginia farm bureau says feeding a group of 10 adults will cost $43 that is over $4 more than last year, the cost will be higher or lower depending on location of that thanksgiving dinner. >> all right. well, time now, 7:22 a.m. on a tuesday morning coming up new research about cancer and early detection why specialists says the not as effective in saving lives as first thought. >> connecting students to the great outdoors holly is working on that she has details about a program helping protect our national local parks we will check with her later she is up in frederick maryland. 7:22 a.m. 
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a health alert about cancer screening. catching the disease early
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isn't always as important as thought in reality, this new research says depends on the type of cancer the test and who gets checked when. now cancer specialists are struggling to find a new balance, to quit over promising the power of early detection and help people understand the tests themselves have risks while not scaring away those who really need it. 20 years ago magic johnson announced his retirement from the nba after finding out he was hiv positive today he is still beating the virus he credits his health to exercise, positive attitude and taking his drug regiments he marked monday's anniversary presenting a $1 million check to his foundation. >> inspection crews will do one final damage check at the national cathedral, it is scheduled to reopen saturday for the first time since the earthquake back in august. the quake damaged the towers and cracked other areas. 7:26 a.m., spinning space rock getting closer and closer
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to earth. we continue to track its path next. >> herman cain on damage control once again we will break down the new allegations of harassment. as we head to break, let's take another lookout side traffic 395, pentagon the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie coming up next and just a reminder if you see a story that you think we should look into let us know about it, send us your news tips to fox 5 it is 7:27 a.m.  to make a commitment
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later tonight an asteroid will pass between the earth and the moon's or bit have we been talking a lot about this kind of stuff. >> yeah, we have >> it will harmlessly fly by, scientists have been tracking the spinning rock for years there is no chance of it hitting the earth if it did, let's take worst case scenario. >> there is no chance. >> if it did the quarter mile wide asteroid would blast a crater 4 miles across 1700 feet deep the closest path 200,000 miles away around 6:30 p.m. a way for scientists to
7:31 am
remind us. but they can't track their own satellite but can track an as steroid. >> they can track it into the atmosphere. >> well, they don't know where this would land if it did but astro notically speaking, it is very close flying between the earth and moon the moon is only 240,000 miles away that is pretty close you know. >> i just feel maybe we shouldn't be alerted to it unless we know. >> here is what -- did they compute in because when it comes across, won't earth's gravity start to attract it? >> well, maybe with a full moon and gravitational pull moon pulls it away. >> won't nature do what it wants to do? >> nature can only do so much if an asteroid, remember one hit years ago all those dinosaurs were -- >> some say. >> some say. >> let's look at what is going on out there. >> i really didn't want to have
7:32 am
that conversation. [ overlapping voices ] >> here is a look at hd radar, fog out there not really in the washington area, but all to our south and east, lower end of the chesapeake bay, eastern maryland, southern maryland there is fog you want to be aware of that a little bit of fog way out west beyond the mountains, no problems here in the dc area, here is a look at temperatures across the region, right now 43 degrees washington no change there, 44 annapolis, 37 baltimore, hagerstown, 42 degrees 39 quantico temperature trend i think you will like it take a look our average high for this time of year 61 degrees, we will be well above average today, 69 for a high 67 tomorrow that is nice thursday we start to cool off get some clouds in here and rain, 62, and then by friday highs only low 50s so, we do cool down as we head into the weekend.
7:33 am
satellite radar composite quickly, we've got this frontal boundary out to the west, still taking its time it will take quite some time to get here that is what we are talking about for thursday rain this is subtropical storm shawn off the coast it is anticipated that this will continue to pull out to sea won't impact the u.s. but could impact bermuda we will keep our eyes on it. >> forecast for washington, today sunny skies warm afternoon 69 degrees for your high tonight end it here, clear skies, cool, light winds, 45 degrees for your overnight low. that is a look at what is happening with weather now to julie wright find out what is happening with traffic. a lot is going on this morning we are getting word of an accident blocking the intersection route 6, road kill road that supposedly is blocked off both directions crew in sky fox, hovering at the crash in buoy, mitchellville at excalibur this involves the
7:34 am
over turned canine unit truck that remains over turned on its side police are there in the middle of the intersection to help direction traffic by northbound side of mitchell remains closed westbound traffic getting by single file to the left. we will take it back inside and update a couple other things for you. inbound new york avenue a story with us all morning long, tied up here kendall street accident ongoing investigation traffic squeezing by to the right big delays off the bw parkway route 50 now to add insult to injury, southbound, bw parkway, the accident in front of prince georges hospital just moved to the shoulder. springfield interchange to telegraph road that is where we had the accident blocking theleft lane inner loop to route 1 virginia that accident cleared to the shoulder. southbound 270, accident free father hurly boulevard out of german town headed for the
7:35 am
split. he suddenly reached over, and he put his hands on my legs, under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. >> well, you just heard graphic details from the latest woman to step forward and accuse herman cain of sexual harassment the cain camp meantime is denying new allegations for more on this continuing scandal and where the presidential race stands as a whole, kyle joining us politics staff writer with roll call good to see you again. >> you too. >> let's talk about herman cain two questions will he survive this and should he survive this. you know those are two good questions i think, on the first one, it is interesting nbc wall street journal pull out last night showed him rivalling mitt romney for first in national voters which is amazing after these accusations came out last week he had his largest
7:36 am
fundraising day of all time he is weathering this so far but this isn't helping him win any new voters that is something he needs to do against romney and perry. it will be hard to get through. goodness knows we have seen our fair share of political scandal here the second part of my question is he is running for the highest office in our country revered office, should he be allowed to weather this? >> well, you know voters get to decide that, and you know i think democrats would love to run against him in the general election that is something a lot of republican voters when they go to the polls and all these primaries will have to decide do we want this kind of guy, if allegations are true, to be our president and secondly, do we think he can beat barack obama. >> you know, basically the cain camp from day one has blamed the competing camp for leaking this information forgetting this out here, is there a little bit, do you thing of
7:37 am
that, i don't know backlash from that because the public now is used to this sort of smear campaign and they are saying this is our guy we are just going to support him we know it is fishy he came out now. >> these things happen in almost every campaign, house, senate, presidential, so far rick perry said he did not -- his campaign was not responsible for this. someone was responsible for leaking it we don't know who it was but i don't know. most likely one of his opponents. >> if that does come out just from being a presidential watcher does that have backlash on the person that perhaps leaked the information or the camp? >> it can but often times they don't come out reporters don't often reveal sources that is one of the kids we live by i don't see iting out. in -- coming out. >> in reaction, democrats criticized republicans, pushing those with little legislative work on their resume, but would
7:38 am
like to ask your opinion, because the president now before he took office didn't have legislative background either. >> rick perry has been a governor over a decade now, mitt romney, was a governor four years, president obama was a senator four years, so i don't see very much difference between the candidates now except for herman cain. >> okay so, basically we are about a year out what should we talk about here these are serious allegations what both democrats and republicans should they be doing to get their man or woman in the white house. >> number one economy and jobs 9% unemployment now you see president obama going around the country talking about his new jobs plan, he sort of is putting it on republicans in congress to start doing something republican candidate, obama will hear them talk about jobs and trying to tell voters their plans will get them back to work. >> we saw states try to battle
7:39 am
it out first in primary, we saw florida do this for example what effect tholed is this have on the -- effect should this have on the whole process. >> florida was the the deciding state last time that secured the nomination for john mccain i think that could happen again, florida is voting on january 31st this year it is possible it could all end in florida once again. all right, political staff writer with roll call thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. 20 minutes before 8:00 a.m. tuesday morning what will your four legged friend find under the christmas tree how much we love our pets, as we go to break we will take a look at this is a good one $35 for one boot camp fitness heights international a $100 value to get in go to look for my fox half off on the right side of the home page. not into it alison, scoffing at the deal >> did you see my face?
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>> drop and give me 20. >> i am not paying for that punishment. >> back after this 
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making headlines police in washington state are searching for a 2-year-old boy whose mother says she left in her car, stalled car while she went to get gas the mom left the boy in the car when she went to get gas this isn't the first time this mother, this little boy i should say had been left alone in a car when he was 3 months old court records reveal his parents left him in their suv in a target parking lot, for almost an hour, on a 27-degree day. the toddler's disappearence comes at the height of a custody fight between his parents right now investigators are focussing efforts around the home of the boy's mother. a marine is suspected in the death of a fellow marine. the body was found in his barracks the suspect was found outside where he jumped from a third story balcony he was
7:44 am
treated for injuries from the fall. high school student in minnesota among the smartest kids in the nation the senior scored a perfect 36 out of 36 on his act coming close to perfect on his sat he claims he didn't spend a lot of time studying for the exam he has plans to become a neurosurgeon okay and hasn't decided on a college yet. i think they will decide on -- they will fight for him. >> perfect on the atc and close to perfect on the sat step it up a little. had he tried a little harder. >> had you studied. >> all right. >> we would be talking about you being perfect. >> amazing. >> comes to some naturally. >> good for him. >> listen before we get to the weather,. >> do we need the prompt tore. >> we want to give you a heads up, do you want to do this or should i? >> heads up for students in queen ann county due to dense fog out there, school will be
7:45 am
opening 90 maybe nut late with no -- minutes late with no morning prekindergarten. that is some dense fog. >> yeah, tough for the buses to get around in some of those places you mentioned some out lying areas out to the south or east. >> that is where we are seeing it no fog advisory in effect still we do have some problems. better safe than sorry. let's look at temperatures across the area, a cold start to the day for most of you temperatures in the 30s. 40s out there, 43 in the district, 37 leonard town, st. mary's county 36 degrees cambridge, 37 baltimore, out to the west dulles, winchester, 36 here is your big picture cool temperatures across the mid- atlantic. milder air to the north. 55 new york city here is a look at the jet stream now today high pressure today and tomorrow high pressure continues to dominate thunderstorms to the west across portions just to the
7:46 am
west of the mississippi river along the lower mississippi river valley thunder stomach tiffty jet stream -- thunderstorm jet stream shifts. cooler air friday and saturday. high 69 degrees sunny tomorrow 67, thursday clouds showers 62 we drop back down to 50s friday and saturday. that is the latest more coming up in just a little bit. >> thanks. >> now check with julie. all right you guys it has been a busy day for me for commuters a tough ride ongoing investigation from this mornings crash one lane to the right now getting by big delays off inbound route 50, bw parkway headed down towards the scene. let me take you out to the east side of town inbound route 50 buoy checking for the car fire reported on the ramp at the exit 197 heads up there. southbound new hampshire,
7:47 am
blocked at powder mill this involving a truck, down in waldorf, accident activity closed route 6, a medevac helicopter has been requested at the scene that is a check of your pox 5 on time traffic. new poll shows pet owners across the country will spend an average of $46 on their animals this holiday season up $5 from last year, half of those polled plan to buy gifts for their pets, toys and treats top the list major pet retailers have plans for black friday sales and cyber monday sales. we are headed up north a little bit. >> holly has details about a unique program involving local schools and parks good morning. good morning. we are starting our morning at the visitors center here in frederick, while it looks like these students are just playing dress up they are actually really learning about the environment, how does that work? all through a program bridging the water shed we will tell you
7:48 am
about it and tell you why students at your school might want to get involved as well. stay with us ? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everythihing ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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the facebook fan of the day, untouchable tony. >> with his marvin the martian shirt. >> he says he has been watching since he was a teenager thank you and keep watching. to be fan of the day go to facebook. all right thank you tony for being with us this morning holly is learning about a rather interesting and interactive outreach program. >> she is in frederick maryland more details about bridging the water shed what is it all about. >> reporter: this is an amazing program you know since it started bridging the water shed
7:52 am
served nearly 40,000 students, what this is is really an alternative way to learn other than the traditional classroom they take one concept and use that to teach a whole array of disciplines, bit history, math, science, it is really amazing how this works, laurie is the executive director they are the ones that came up with the outreach program and the one that really makes a difference in kids lives. >> it is a pleasure to be here. >> a lot of people right now are going okay they are at the visitors center, the national battlefield how does this translate into environmental responsibility. >> as you beautifully said there is no better classroom than nature itself you can teach all those subjects we have been at this for 60 years alice ferguson foundation, first on our working farm on the banks of the potomac we have been inspired by this riffer and water shed for many
7:53 am
decades -- river and water shed for many decades and we have been working with the national parks service for about a dozen years, we connect kids with nature when we were kids our moms sent us outside and said don't come home until dark and now, kids don't have that opportunity so we need to be that forcing factor, to help them get connected to nature in ways that inspire them be curious and investigate what future possibilities are. i had the pleasure of seeing dr. sullivan the first woman ever to walk in space she was sharing her childhood experiences was and saying it was getting outside, every day, that inspired that sense of curiosity in me. so now days, she is doing great things, you can be an astronaut, a teacher, a park service ranger, whatever your heart desires, can be inspired by this experience you have just connecting with nature in
7:54 am
a meaningful way. >> explain to everyone the experience and how it works it started here at a place like this. >> we are really blessed in this area, to have the opportunity to have history, and nature come together in really spectacular ways so here today, you are going to see how history and nature come together, the kids will get out on the water this is a piece so incredibly important for us they are encouraged to get wet, get dirty and i am sort of reforming my own thinking about this my two little kids don't always get a chance to get dirty they can get in trouble if they come home with muddy feet but no more they can get as dirty as they wants the up to them to experience nature and connect with it. >> this is truly a partnership obviously the teacher of the students here knows the students and you all know how to use nature in the classroom but you have to have the park ranger that knows the park that is where the lesson plan begins and that is what barbara justice is doing here this
7:55 am
morning. yes excuse me. >> that is quite already. >> thank you for letting us be here. usually barbara when you only out here her spiel is 20 minutes that you should listen and learn from but can you give us the highlights what you are telling the kids this morning. >> absolutely we are talking of an overview of the day long battle fought july 9th, 1864 what is going on at this time the confederate army under general early is trying to get to washington dc to threaten or catch the union capitol, and here along the banks of the river they encount era small union force under the command of lou wallace and wallace and his small army are able to hold the larger confederate amare here for an entire day. >> this is why it is referred to as the battle that saved washington. >> exactly ultimately the union army is forced to retreat they
7:56 am
are simply outnumbered confederates win this battle it is the only confederate victory on union soil the next day they do continue their march on washington dc by the time they arrive union reinforcements arrived in washington dc so confederates are not able to capture washington. >> you guys got all that? you ready to go outside? i think they've got their boots on we have our little lesson in here now we have to do field studies we will head out into the park itself into the stream and see what we can learn there our website we have a link to the foundation if you want to find out more about bridging the water shed and other programs they have as well our lesson plan continues outside in the 8:00 a.m. hour back to you. >> i love having class outdoors. >> next hour we will take a closer look at the scandal rocking the penn state football program we will talk with john feinstein coming up. in today's smart phone zone
7:57 am
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one of herman cain's accusers goes public in the meantime another woman is making accusations of inappropriatebehaviour what is next for the republican presidential candidate? dr. conrad murray convicted in the death of michael jackson but will he receive a watered down sentence. we hear about the iphone 4 s these days what is the hottest android on the market? the new droid raiser due in stores friday, we will take a sneak peek coming up. should pay attention a phone. then. quick note for parents queen ann county schools opening 90 minutes late no prek due to fog. >> fog is heavy this morning maybe with the sun up earlier
8:01 am
now. >> yeah, the national weather service saying in queen ann's county it will burn off this hour it has dissipated some portions of northeast maryland. >> hd radar the latest images of the fog, it is thickest off to the south and east there you go. hence the delays in queen ann's county we continue to see fog that is where the densest fog is washington area most of the rest of the washington area is fine. temperatures across the region we have gone up to 45 degrees now dc 49 in annapolis, 42 at quantico, 41 gaithersburg, dulles airport 42 degrees, manassas, 34 degrees. pretty day,
8:02 am
8:03 am
8:04 am
one of those women is a local person arlington resident donna, she talks with the washington examiner, she says herman cain tried to get her to set up a date after giving a speech for her former employer usaid. the campaign is spinning off far stronger charges. >> we had a little surprise show up on tv. >> did you watch that. >> yes, he did and plenty others as a fourth woman accused cain of improper behaviour. >> he suddenly reached over, and put his hands on my legs, under my skirt, and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch.
8:05 am
mr. cain said you want a job right? >> she is the first person to publicly come forward saying cain made the unwanted advances in 1997, when he headed the national restaurant association, and bialik was looking for a job. she is said to be a republican and now hired high profile attorney and democratic activist, gloria allridge. >> there is not an ounce of truth in all these accusations my team is putting the stuff together that is why i am willing to do a press conference to put this straight. >> the record itself seems to grow more damaging by the day cane unable to discount anonymous accusations. >> i think for cain this will be something he may not be able to shake. >> well, we are see what he mans to do his press conference is happening later today in phoenix. new this morning home gutted in maryland, an early
8:06 am
morning fire in kensington all but destroyed a house under construction when montgomery county firefighters got to the home on franklin street it was fully engulfed in flames. they are investigating the cause and an explosive investigation team is on scene. no bail for the frost burg state student accused of killing a classmate she made a brief court appearance yesterday denying the murder charge and said some body else stabbed courtney mccoy at a party late saturday. witnesses pointed the finger at liggen. >> former university of virginia lacrosse player will stand trial in january. he is accused of beating his ex- girlfriend, yeardly love to death. a judge ruled, his legal team will be allowed to see her medical record a medical examiner ruled love died from blunt force trauma to the head. investigators believe he attacked love in her off campus
8:07 am
apartment and slammed her head against the wall. parents are warned to watch their kids after the fifth attempted kidnapping happened the crime wave is startling some families but they do not believe a serial stalker is behind the attempted abduction they released a composite sketch of a man accused of trying to abduct a 17-year-old girl on october 25th. when the guy slowed up, she noticed it was four guys in the van, one guy rolls the window down and says hey, baby you know, come here. she says i don't know you he said but it is okay you can come here and she said no she got scared ran in the house locked the door >> latest attempted abduction of an 8-year-old was just on saturday. dr. murray michael jackson's personal physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter in connection with
8:08 am
the pop star's death, from an over dose of propofol, while prosecution is accused of a verdict they are concerned of a watered down sentence. >> s will than an hour after deputy put handcuffs on conrad murray and lead him off to jail, da and his team faced the camera. praise for the prosecutor but criticism of a new state law that might give dr. murray a big break. >> because of 8109, completely potentially failed system is now in place it will be very difficult to achieve an appropriate sentence of incarceration for dr. murray. sharing the verdict outside might not be so happy once they realize under the new state law, ab 109, prison realignment, violent inmates don't go to state prison they go to county jail.
8:09 am
that means over crowding early release. coolly calls it a fool'ser rend. >> i am speaking out against it, since the beginning. 109 is a complete failure, criminal justice disaster and to public safety. >> typically you serve half a state is he tense so a four year max means two years with jail over crowding, much less, maybe even house arrest>> poor conrad murray. >> the man responsible for the conviction. the deputy da has any thoughts on that he was not sharing today. unlike his boss, he kept it politically correct. >> i just think the jury -- i just thank the jury our sympathies go out to the jackson family. >> 9 minutes past the hour. >> coming up next it as been more than a week now since that
8:10 am
unusual october snow storm slammed the northeast there is still tens of thousands without power when the lights hopefully could be back on. >> also ahead remembering joe fraser the boxing legend who made his name taking on mohammed ali not once, not twice but three times he passed away. we will talk about it coming up 
8:11 am
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8:13 a.m. tuesday morning let's look at stories making headlines. jimmy carter teaming up with habitat for humanity to build homes in haiti the 87-year-old former president, and his wife joined 500 volunteers to help build the houses they are building them in the same place that was the epicenter of last year's devastating earthquake president carter said he is disturbed by the living conditions he has seen in haiti. hall of fame boxer smoking joe fraser passed away after his battle with liver cancer.
8:14 am
best known for his three monomental fights with mohammed ali and the first person to ever defeat him, what was called the fight of the century. ali released a statement last night saying quote the world has lost a great champion i will always remember joe with respect and admiration. >> thousands are starting a second week in the dark in connecticut. >> the power company up there now says it hopes the get everybody's power on tomorrow. this morning 37,000 homes still don't have electricity since the rare october blizzard. it is also forced nine citytowns to move polling places for election tuesday some of those don't have electricity another others are being damaged or currently used as shelters and warming centers. rough. what a mess. 8:14 a.m., right now i sure don't ensurrey those folks, -- envy those folks our heart goes out to them we have been there.
8:15 am
the forecast is great but my first 5 photo of the day we will start with that we have a young one, 10 weeks old here -- oh, boy. >> very nice picture interesting shot i like that, this is emory rose. >> what a lovely name. >> they took this at a pumpkin patch. >> look at her. >> my first instinct is grab her and kiss her up because she is just laying there. >> probably wondering what is all this stuff. >> smells good where is mommy. >> she is a cutie. perfect for the season thank you for sending that in if you want to send us your child's photo all you need to do is go to and click on mornings. all right here is another look the current temperature 45 degrees, here in washington, temperatures around the country, cool to mild here, in the eastern part of the united
8:16 am
states, warmer, check it out, little rock 65, st. louis 62, dallas 72 degrees right now, so that suggests they will have a warm day later on today, national satellite radar rain showers in the nation center part of the nation associated with a frontal boundary mild air to the east cold air to the west thunderstorms popping up this morning and likely later on today in this same part of the country, but not here forecast for our area, today 69 degrees under sunny skies, very nice, tomorrow 67 degrees under sunny skies, very nice. thursday, some clouds, some rain showers, 62 and then for friday and saturday, we cool off high, only low to mid-50s by sunday i think we are back up to the low 60s. that is a look at what is happening with weather tucker barnes will be here with another forecast in 15 minutes right now to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> all right tony a very busy
8:17 am
day, hasn't been easy on the roads i should say because it has been so hectic the better news, inbound new york avenue, kendall street all lanes open northeast to northwest, big delays off 50 and the parkway headed inbound anticipate that slow go on the other side of town you are still going the find the outer loop of the belt way headed down right side blocked off there, big delays off the american legion bridge out to the west in buoy that is where we had the car fire, westbound 50, 197, accident activity, blocking all lanes powder mill road. forcing those on to 29 using the alternate route. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. while greek leaders are hard at work trying to form a new government, euro zone leaders agreed to give the country a portion of its long awaited bailout money. fox news correspondent, steve
8:18 am
rappaport with details. >> reporter: following a meeting in brussels monday euro zone finance chiefs agreed to give greece a portion of its bailout money. the president of the group says in order for greece to receive the funds, greece leaders have to reaffirm their dedication to the country's bailout and economic reform. we ask greek authorities to send a letter, also leaders of too many parties, of incoming government reaffirming their strong commitment to the agreements reached at the euro summit 26th and 27th october. >> the first lump of money could come in a few week it is written commitment from both sides is important as the country gears up for new elections next year. >> i believe it is the transfer can be dispursed in
8:19 am
the course of november on the condition there is as i said, a clear commitment, by the new government. >> reporter: the money would head off a potentially disastrous default as early as deershould have been agreed upon some time ago. >> i am happy after months, greece now has made the decision, to work together. it could have been done months ago. >> reporter: euro zone leaders are working with italy that country is going through its own financial struggles in new york, fox news. steve mentioned, italy being the next domino to fall in the european debt crisis, the prime minister's government is facing a sharp rise in borrowing cost and could force his resignation he said on his facebook page this morning
8:20 am
rumors of his impending resignation were false italy's parliament is voting on harsh austerity measures to prevent it from spreading to italy. >> just a test but this is a good reason why you should still be on alert tomorrow afternoon. >> ahead this morning, it has been 20 years now since nba legend magic johnson made headlines when he announced he was hiv positive now, how he is living with this disease 20 years later. >> connecting students to the great outdoors, what a beautiful shot it is, out on the battlefield, sunshining, holly is checking out a program helping protect our national parks. enjoy this tuesday morning folks, 8:20 a.m.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
happening tomorrow the emergency alert system will send a message nationwide. state and local governments broadcast test alerts in the past this is the first time the system as been activated nationwide. two decades ago, magic johnson announced his
8:24 am
retirement from the nba after finding out he was hiv positive. >> because of hiv virus that i have attained i will have to retire from the lakers, today. to years later he is still -- 20 years later he is still beating the virus he credits his health to exercise, positive attitude taking his drug regiment he marked monday's anniversary by presenting a $1 million check to his foundation. a new study shows, the disturbing trend in public schools nearly half of all middle and high schoolers, say they have experienced sexual harassment over the past year 87% of students harassed say after the incident that had trouble sleeping and eating and often skipped school. >> up next the latest out of the penn state situation where the investigation continues into the child sex abuse allegations against the former
8:25 am
defensive coordinator, gerry sandusky. >> we will have a sports analyst, columnist in studio. john feinstein is with us. >> as steroid alert details of i guess you could call it the close encounter the weather boys thing it is cool. 200,000 miles. >> 8:25 a.m. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place.
8:26 am
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[ male announcer ] aaron rodgers got his. how about you? rodgers! discount double check! [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. 45 degrees let's look at stories making headlines, first lady michelle obama is talking about youth mentoring at georgetown she will do it along with students from local high schools, kids from wheaton in maryland and anacostia in the district are participating as part of the white house leadership and mentoring initiative, it kicks off before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> inspection crews will do a final inspection of the
8:29 am
national cathedral it is expected to open saturday for the first time since the august earthquake which damaged the towercracked other areas. a change coming to downtown dc hilton worldwide proposing to transform the old post office building into a luxury waldorf astoria hotel. >> oh,. >> the plan would include 245 rooms, four restaurants high end shops they have competition more than six companies have made big -- including the donald, donald trochee's hotel business, they are expect -- trums hotel business they are expected to make a decision soon. i hope they go with waldorf astoria. we are following a monster as steroid. >> the size of an aircraft carrier, the 2005, wy 55, that is what they named it will move
8:30 am
between the earth and moon at 6:28 p.m. eastern time tonight, while you are eating dinner. it will be approximately 202,000 miles away, which sounds like a lot but scientists say that is not according to computer models there is no chance it will hit earth, the as steroid completes 1 trip around the sun every 15 months. >> let me write down these famous last words, no chance. we have bruce willis on our side. >> fantastic. >> and will smith. >> yeah, he has some -- >> get him on speed dial. >> fly out there. >> we don't have any rocket ships any more. >> we don't. >> yeah okay. >> you will have to do the job. >> i will do whatever it takes. whatever it takes listen as long as the asteroid doesn't hit we will have a perfect day.
8:31 am
temperatures will touch 70. >> that will be nice. >> in fact i was thinking about whether or not this will be our warmest day for the next several months it is possible. >> might be. >> yeah. >> headed down. 45 regan national cool start to your day lots -- much of the area let me see, at or below freezing, 36 frederick let's see to the south we go leonard town 41 morning hot spot, annapolis, 49, should be a picture perfect day lots of sunshine expected, 1 or 2 clouds moving through from time to time a nice temperature trend, enjoy the next couple days forecast high, 67 tomorrow a few more clouds, thursday and afternoon showers thursday afternoon, whole temperature low 60s then cooler temperatures by friday and the weekend highs 50s enjoy the next couple days as we have temperatures here several degrees above normal not a lot to show you, high pressure across the mid-atlantic eastern
8:32 am
sea board enjoying fine weather this cold front will get in here during the day thursday that will bring us a period of showers. let me show you off the southeast coast this is our newest subtropical storm, sean, that will pass out to sea could bring winds and rain to bermuda. still her cane season active to the -- hurricane season active to the south and east. later today, enjoy beautiful afternoon warm temperatures rain shower activity thursday, and yep we got cooler weather friday and saturday highs back in the 50s. that is a look at weather steve over to you. tucker thank you it is 8:32 a.m. pennsylvania's attorney general says joe paterno is not a focus on the investigation into sexual abuse accusations but they are in an unwanted spotlight. what it means for penn state
8:33 am
and football joining us now sports journalist and best selling author, john feinstein. i can't believe has it been 25 years since a season on the brink. >> i tell people i was 12 when i wrote the book this week is the 25th anniversary. >> how time flies, the focus unfortunately and i don't even want to say the focus is on football it should be on a more tragic situation, football gets dragged into the whole situation i grew up in pennsylvania i was aware of joe from time i could walk i have known people who played for him they considered him to be a fatherly figure disturbing to read the allegations here not just his involvement or alleged involvement but everything going on here, how do you see this all breaking down as it relates to joe. i think it is beyond disturbing steve it is heart breaking because of what you said about paterno i was aware
8:34 am
of him and i grew in new york city there are two truly iconic figures in college, one is dean smith basketball and the other joe paterno. we have to put this caveat in if these allegations are true all we have right now is an inditement, if they are true and stories we are hearing he was told by a graduate assays taint coach in 200 -- assistant coach in 2002 he witnessed gerry sandusky in the shower with a 10-year-old boy and did nothing more than pass it on to his athletic director, this is going to tarnish his legacy beyond anything we can thing about he has built it for 46 years it can go down in a matter of weeks. >> today is tuesday joe gives news conferences on tuesday he will do that penn sate saying
8:35 am
no question -- saying no questions other than football no one caring what will happen with nebraska >> i don't know how joe cannot get around answering questions. if he says or if someone steps in and says the coach is only going to talk about nebraska and senior day it will get ugly because it is not just going to be sports people it will be news people and this is a huge tragic news story what happened no these boys is tragic and what happened to paterno and penn state is heart breaking. >> i read the 23 page affidavit it is frightening disturbing, saddening, maddening i put it on my twitter account but it is disturbing material there john we have to remember these are allegations at this point and especially when it comes to his involvement we don't know specifically what that graduate assistant told him however as
8:36 am
we have discussed, the whole program, should joe step down? >> he is going to have to step down. i think he will try to arrange it so he can coach until the end of the season there was talk he would retire any way. >> there has been talk for 20 years. >> george welsh when he became the navy coach in 1972 hesitated to leave penn state because he didn't think he could be joe paternos successor. now the incident in 1998 that was reported by a mother to the police, that was dropped, maybe that is the reason gerry sandusky left in 1999 we don't know we are speculating here but i don't see how joe can coach again next season i am not 100% sure he can coach on saturday it is that serious his explanation so far is that well, i didn't get the kind of detail from the graduate assistant coach that is in the grand jury inditement i don't know how much detail
8:37 am
you need steve i was in the locker room i saw a 55-year-old coach in the shower with a 10- year-old boy who had no clothes on. game over at that point you don't need more detail. >>lack of follow up, the attorney general says he did nothing criminally wrong morally. >> that is the other question in terms of joe paterno that is the more important question you don't have to commit a crime to do something morally wrong especially for someone on a pedestal, he has rightfully been on for the last 46 years. >> for a guy who wanted to go out on top and holding on to that, it is not the way to end his career. >> one sad side note, penn state is 8 and 1 no one expected them to be this good at this point none of that matters. >> see you soon alison. unfortunate indeed, steve thank you 8:37 a.m. right now on this tuesday morning coming up next part of our every day lives and
8:38 am
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check out our job of the day today is georgetown university hospital looking for a patient access team leader for more on this job and if you would like to see thousands of other job listings, good news these days to have that many job listings, go to look for the job shop. facebook founder mark zucker burg returning to harvard where he dropped out in 2004 there he is with the designer duds and hoody he is there to recruit new talent. isn't that what you wear when you are a billion air. hundreds of hand picked students lined up to watch him speak with reporters it is the 27-year-olds first official visit to the university, today he is in pittsburgh at carneghie melon. >> time the think about the holidays, now is the time to get your cards and gifts together ups expects deliveries to jump 6% during the days leading up to christmas.
8:42 am
the company predict acetotall of 120 million -- a total of 120 million packages will be shipped that week 26 million delivered december 22nd, fedex expects to ship 17 million on its busiest day, december 12th. interesting day. december 12th. >> gives you almost two weeks. >> i wish i could be that organized. >> 8:42 a.m. remember the motorola raiser back in 2004 or something. the deride razor hits shelves friday. good morning, believe it or not i am in class right now we are having a whole lot of fun. we have taken our classroom outdoors, we are taking part in a program called bridging the
8:43 am
water shed, i will tell you what we are looking for and learning coming up next. as long as we don't fall right girls? stay with us . you dodon't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfrfectio. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant
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it is time to head into the smart phone zone you have heard about the iphone 4 s. >> that is all i hear about. >> you can't always compare apples to apples what about those of you who still have your very trusty, capable android. >> it is the latest, any way, lauren demarco is here with the latest really and greatest droid in the world. >> she has her grubby hands on the newest one it is not even out yet. >> how dare you call me grubby that is the brand mu razor remember i brought this one in. >> where did you get this one? >> my mom's this is a brand new razor very thin thinnest droid on the market you can preorder it now it hits stores friday,
8:47 am
11/11/11, check it out possibly one of the best features is called smart action completely customize the device have it automatically shut down when you get home, using gps and a sleep rule that turns your ringer off at night when it is charging. the big thing from apple has been the voice control feature motorola does not have that software but you can program the phone to recognize your voice. the battery is the other big question i did this saturday i charged it overnight used it throughout the day made a bunch of calls, texted, videos, photos turned on wi-fi for several hours it had 30% left when i was going to bed around midnight i thought it was comparable to the iphone which is what i have as well. >> what about the camera, well, look at this compare it to my phone i compared it you can
8:48 am
take 8 mega mixle photos or -- pixel photos or switch to the wide screen. you can see what i did there the droid raiser zoomed in father than the iphone, also, as far as picture quality got to give that round to the iphone check out the bottom much better coloring. that is my dog by the way much better coloring on the iphone 4 s the droid razor not bad a good option if you are thinking about it very thin here it is compared to iphone check out how thin it is a little thinner but a lot bigger. >> wide. >> like they smashed it out. >> so you have to be used to that. it has a kevlar backing and actually water resistant it will bad off like a car you cannot -- bead off like a car you cannot remove the battery a lot of people are griping about that online. this is a droid bionic for comparison it is a little wider other than that they are the same. so if you are looking for a
8:49 am
thin phone i would say razor, bionic not a bad option though. do you like the bigger screen as far as watching movies videos, photos. >> yeah, if you are really into the big screen that would be good for you. there is a phone coming out this month with the new operating system, ice cream sandwich, galaxy next us look at this someone calling me. >> calling you. >> that is funny. >> hi whoever that is. >> but yeah, so a lot to check out in the droid world don't sleep on the droid. >> this is why we have options. >> be proud droid users. >> don't forget everything is on >> there you go. >> thank you very much. >> better change that phone number. >> fox 5s holly morris at the national battlefield this morning. >> participating in a fun outreach program called bridging the water shed what a beautiful morning it is holly. >> it is beautiful as long as
8:50 am
you stay up right we -- it is okay you will dry off i swear. the water is cold but we are having a lot of fun and what is most important we are learning wonderful lessons here that is what bridging the water shed is really all about taking nature, teaching lots of things katrina is the acting program director she knows first hand how important these lesson plans are. now couldn't we do this in june? >> yes we could but what fun would that be. >> right. >> we started our morning back over at the visitors center, we had a little bit of a history lesson and now we've come out into the stream give us an idea how this is progressing and what we are doing. >> sure after we get that important story of the park we would then talk about a water shed so kids have a good concept of what a water shed is why water health is important to all of us then, we jump into the stream and talk about
8:51 am
invertebrates and how they are good bio indicators and tell us how the water quality is because of their sensitivity. so that is what the kids are doing now as i like to call it the nonscientific critter hunting, but they are looking for macro invertebrates on the bottom of the stream. >> how do they know they have found it? >> so they will take it back to their table and they will -- >> right now you put the net down and kind of scoop up bunk. >> yep. >> trying to see exactly what i am looking for and what my students are searching for. >> bottom gunk. >> making our way over to tiffany she is a bio tech with the park service which means you do what? >> that means we do all sorts of wildlife monitoring water quality monitoring here at the park to assess essentially the park's health and impact, and nature's impact on the park.
8:52 am
>> let's scooch over here i think we can get more gunk guys. >> we did get one. >> i am not sure there is enough macro invertebrates in there as we get our gunk tiffany, help me -- the pregnant lady is making everyone nervous on the slippery rocks i won't bend too far. but as we do that and you can come over too katrina help put this in perspective for us we are having a lot of fun but theimportance of making sure this water is not polluted is what? >> it is our drinking water it not only effects our health but the whole ecosystems health we are trying to give them an idea what tiffany does but also peak their interest in working for the park working in natural resources. >> so i think that is two important points well, beside the two points i want to make
8:53 am
80% of the drinking water comes from the potomac watershed. >> right. >> do you thing the kids are learning environmental responsibility on their own? >> absolutely we do guided reflections at the end they tell us how their day went so many of them are like oh, i get it now i get that there is something living in this water besides me it is important to me. >> it is eu78 poor taint they have a good home like i do -- important they have a good home like i do. >> maybe you do peak the interest of that one kid who becomes an environmental steward. >> whether they come back here and patronize the park maybe they give money in the future maybe they become that scientist that -- there goes another one. >> she too is voting to join this project in june when the water is warmer.
8:54 am
>> these are people who will take your job some day tiffany. >> it will be sad but i hope so. >> we have a link to the foundation the group that over sees the bridging the water shed project coming up next hour, we will go through our gunk are you guys ready to go through it? we will see what we have found this morning in the oh, so chilly stream back to you in studio. >> all right holly thank you. cold water. >> 8:54 a.m. coming up 9:00 a.m., thomas graham will join us. >> he will update us how the company is doing when it comes to their reliability plan they are working to make sure as many people as possible will keep their power during the next storm. or next time we report on the next story on a storm you don't want to miss that update later we will be right back  [ speaking french ]
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we would like to say good morning to today's fox 5 fan of the day he has been watching fox 5 since he was a teenager. thank you so much make sure you keep watching. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to facebook post a comment under tony's photo. no space between fox and 5. coming up 9:00 a.m. right now tuesday morning tony is back to join alison to take us up to 10:00 a.m. thank you very much here is a look at stories we are following for the 9:00 a.m. hour fox 5 morning news, four women now claiming herman cain sexually harassed them one of them has gone public a fifth says she has seen cain act inappropriately. we have the latest coming up. >> several big crimes in our area making headlines recently
8:59 am
involve female victims and female suspects, so is there a rise in violent crime between women if so, what is sparking that rise. we will get insight from an adolescent and adult psychiatrist later this morning. >> they were in the public hot seat for unreliability, now it has been a year since pep coenacted their reliability plan what changed and what can customers expect as we head into the winter season. thomas graham joins us in studio later. tucker barnes is in the weather center with a look at what will be a nice day kind of warm. >> in fact might be the warmst day we have to look forward to for the rest of the year certainly a possibility highs upper 60s to 70 this afternoon get out and enjoy current temperatures, starting to warm up regan national, 48 degrees an update a few minutes ago. ai


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